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Some of the birds added to the flock to help outcross my Gavin lines
NCS 40A 1322 13
Pearl/Pied/WF Hen
Breeder: Julie Allen
NCS 40A 1508 15 "Pointed"
Normal Hen
Breeder: Julie Allen
NCS 40A 1509 15
Cinnamon Lutino Hen
Breeder: Julia Allen
NCS 05R 01 15
Normal Hen
Breeder: Sierra Howes
NCS 18P 215 12 "Pointed"
Cinnamon/Pied Hen
Breeder: Josh Perkins
Champion ACS 86A 1211 12
Pearl Cock
Breeder: Sue Ansley
needs one more judge to be a Grand
NCS 91J 01 08 "Pointed"
Pearl/Pied Cock
Father of "Stripes"
Breeder: J. Maple
NCS 91J 89 14 "Pointed"
Normal Hen
Breeder: J. Maple
NCS 42F 411 14
Cinnamon Hen
Breeder: Ellen O'Neil